Koi Pond Products and Pond Services

Our Pond Products

  • Test Kits
  • Water treatments to keep the water  balanced.
  • Algae removal solutions
  • Koi and Goldfish food.
  • Pumps to fit large or small ponds
  • Filters
  • Tanks - Show tanks that can be moved, and hard shell tanks that are more permanent.
  • Nets to catch your fish
  • Ultraviolet sterilizers to keep the water looking great.
  • Decorative flags and banners.
  • Cement sealing products.
  • Liners
  • And, plenty of fish to put in your new pond!

Our Pond Services

  • Pond maintenance and care
  • Pond consulting
  • Pond Upgrades
  • Green water cleanup
  • Filter upgrades
  • Filter Installations
  • Pond Construction
  • Pond Design
  • Vacation watch
  • Quarantining services
  • Hospital tank setup
  • Thorough cleanings for neglected or abandoned ponds.
  • Filter evaluation and water testing
  • Sick fish care is one of our specialties
  • Microscopic inspection for parasites
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